Friday, April 06, 2007

Bleo Injection: Day Nine

Two words. Solid. Food. I've been (almost, nearly) drug free since Tuesday and have been eating solid food again. Well, small bits of solid food in creamy sauces at least. I hope the worst of the healing up of my tongue is done. There's still some sore, raw areas, but I can chew on one side, and swallow and that's enough to give hope to this sad old epicurean dreamer. That's right. Epicurean Dreamer. I know during Easter, being an outright Delusional Hedonist would be over the top and in poor taste but can't I be someone who can dream of epicurean delights? It's not as though I'm trying to be some kind of Gastronome Bon Vivant - I just want to take a huge bite out of Life and experience a country of flavour! To be honest, at this point I'd settle for a duchy of flavour, or even a salty hectare. A peppery patch?

Tonight, we even went for out for a meal with some friends. Toronto is full of these kind of unassuming places that actually offer good fare and fair prices. Sheesh - listen to me? I'm like the Toronto Board of Trade's Restaurant booster all of a sudden.
It's like I've come under the influence of a Jimmy Buffet concept album.
Yet, it isn't Toronto's finest I'm craving. I have no idea why but foods that I never really think of are first and foremost on my mind. Pizza pies, burgers and fries and cherry pies have the stars in my eyes. Hopefully this will all pass by the time I actually can wrap my chompers around some heinous fat patty and all my worst cravings will be satisfied by a simple slice of toasted spelt-wheat bread. Fat chance.

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