Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And then there was TWO. That's right CAKEv2.0. All hail the Cakes! Next year for my birthday, I would like one of those feathers, like the Romans used after gorging themselves on birthday cake. Also, a pair of stretchy pants would be good. I ate like there was no tomorrow. Alas, there was a tomorrow and the eating had to stop somewhere. So far the month of March has come in like a Lion - a particularly contankerous lion with stinky gazelle breath. The sooner it goes out like a lamb the better - make mine with mint jelly. Cheerios.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

February was a complete bust, but at least there was cake. Despite large doses of vitamin supplements, copious amounts of alcohol, St. Valentine's Day and numerous celebrity awards ceremonies, I could not overcome the February Melancholia. I've never cared for this month which appears to consist of nothing short of shocking cold, freezing rain, large heaps of sticky snow, brown city slush and an overall grayness that would make the inside of a potato sack seem cheery.

With my birthday weekend upon us, we did our best to salvage the month. The day went by without much happening, but dinner at, Xacutti (sha-cootie) really made things a whole lot better. I guess bbq'd ribs with a cinnamon sauce and rabbit tikki will cure what ails you. The next day a friend from Ottawa, Glenn, was in town staying with us and so on my birthday there was more than just the two of us. Glenn's appearance often coincides with excessive amounts of food. This time was no different. Take-out Thai food filled us to the brim, followed by hot cups of ginger tea and a most excellent dessert and I have to admit, that all of the well wishing phone calls were a treat too. Who doesn't like the doting attention of family and friends? The insane perhaps? So February ended on a brighter note than it began. Of course, March began with freezing temperatures and 15 cm of snow, thus leading me to believe that 'Mother Nature' is not a woman I would take into my confidence, for she is wholly untrustworthy and on occasion down right mean. It has come to my attention that I could, as an antidote to a wintery birthday, follow the Catholic practice of celebrating my Saint Day. It has also come to my attention that there are numerous St. Peters. If I were to pick Peter the Apostle however, the feast day would be June 29. Two days before Canada Day and generally considered a kinder, gentler time of year. Every dog must have his day in the sun, but this one prefers two.