Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bookcase Down

Ahh the age old lesson - always use quality materials. When will I learn? This newish track from The Besnard Lakes, "Devastation" seemed fitting after finding my favourite books strewn hither and yon. Aren't I old enough to know better not to expect to be able to use junky material to make a bookcase (how many of these things have I made anyway? 6 or 7?) Well, there's first time for everything I guess.
I will say this. My G5 Mac can withstand a lot more than our plastic Dell. I also spent yesterday reviving the Dell by opening it up and unplugging and plugging back in all of the internal drives until the "Hard Drive Not Found" and "NetBios" errors disappeared. After mucking around inside of a Dell for a few minutes, you realize you cannot compare the components of a discount PC to a premier priced Mac. The difference is like comparing a lawn mower engine to a 2.5L Audi something or other.

Live, Learn, Repeat.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ads You Rarely See

Maybe I worry that too much of our culture is just "shopping" or "commercialization" but occasionally a good ad is just too interesting not to share. It's an innovative spot for Barclays Bank directed by Jonathan Glazer using Samuel L. Jackson in a stream of consciousness rant on the difficulty of buying a pair of shoes, ethics and the meaning of money. Another ad finishes with Jackson asking, "Money isn't evil, the LOVE of money is. If a chicken were a dollar, would a chicken be evil?" If I find a copy I'll post that one too.

I don't think it's very often we get to see ads for Barclays and as I think this may be one of Samuel Jackson's best performances in years I thought it was worth posting (plus I hardly think Barclays, Jonathan Glazer or Sam Jackson would mind a few extra eye balls).


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mom and Dad
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...then the Mediterranean. Mom and Dad had pretty mixed up weather while they were here - hot one day, cold the next, a couple of rained out days too. Unfortunately, I just happened to be really busy with work (an unfortunate rarity lately) and felt like I neglected them the whole time while I sweated to meet some end of week dead lines. All in all they still did some Toronto-esque things; they went to High Park, and the Lakeshore; Angela took them to Kleinberg to the McMichael Gallery; we went to an exhibit opening at Harbourfront Centre where Claire and Ang have a piece on display; we went to a popular Toronto eatery, Mildred Pierce, before it moves to it's new, undisclosed location; we had two family get togethers, one at our place where the folks met lil' Gina and then out to Etobicoke where we took in the Centennial Park Conservatory, followed by Mrs. Iarocci's Conservatory (even tried out the new patio furniture).

Click on the photo above to see some more pics of their visit on Flickr (courtesay of a borrowed Blackberry Pearl - too sweet).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Track o' the Day

Compliments of CBC Radio3 this Wintersleep tune feels strangely appropriate for me today. It's Jaws of Life click here. Three days after my bleomycin injection and my tongue is holding pretty steady, without much swelling or discomfort (yet). The basic side-effects are already evident: dry mouth, nausea, light-headedness (perhaps from not eating), but the strangest one that I know is from the procedure is the persistent pressure in my ears and a sore aching jaw (which could just be from having my mouth held open for an hour or so). Enjoy the track and take pleasure in your own fully functioning jaws.


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Shopping With the Stars

The funny thing about Toronto is how many celebrities you see. I don't mean famous celebrities but celebrated individuals nonetheless. Ok; I mean Canadian celebrities. Sure I've see Lanny Macdonald and, I was there when Wayne Gretzky was inducted into the Hall of Fame (in the back of a huge crowd). Sure I've seen a couple of Raptors. I've even seen Buzz Hargrove. I think you get my point. Yet, it's odd when you're shopping in the No Thrills (aka No Frills) and at cash 7 is Chris Murphy, indie rock royalty and Sloan front man. I guess part of me was thinking, hey, neat, he's just a regular guy, and another part of me was thinking - he shops at a discount grocer - I guess there really is money in Real Estate, and by extension, not so much money in being indie rock royalty. Similarly, one time I was walking down Queen St. and there was Ron Sexsmith waiting for the Queen streetcar with all the other plebes. The most recent Canadian Idle to be seen strolling Queen West West (yes yes, there is a Queen West West) was Douglas Coupland. A little more bearded than seen above, but D.C. in the flesh (hirsute flesh it should be noted). It crossed my mind to speak to him, but the thought crossed and went away. What would you say? I like your books that I've never read, enjoy the artwork I've seen, think highly of your designs I've never bought. As it turns out, you say none of the above and let the poor guy window shop in peace.


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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mighty Spring

We've had some amazing weather lately. Unfortunately I've been locked in a life and death battle with the computer. Beautiful spring days are being wasted staring into a monitor (a frustratingly small monitor at that - oh to dream of swimming in the gaze of a cinema display -sigh). To remind me what sunny days feel like I listen to this ska fueled track from Toronto's Planet Smashers. Click and smile.
click here to listen