Monday, May 28, 2007

Ads You Rarely See

Maybe I worry that too much of our culture is just "shopping" or "commercialization" but occasionally a good ad is just too interesting not to share. It's an innovative spot for Barclays Bank directed by Jonathan Glazer using Samuel L. Jackson in a stream of consciousness rant on the difficulty of buying a pair of shoes, ethics and the meaning of money. Another ad finishes with Jackson asking, "Money isn't evil, the LOVE of money is. If a chicken were a dollar, would a chicken be evil?" If I find a copy I'll post that one too.

I don't think it's very often we get to see ads for Barclays and as I think this may be one of Samuel Jackson's best performances in years I thought it was worth posting (plus I hardly think Barclays, Jonathan Glazer or Sam Jackson would mind a few extra eye balls).


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