Tuesday, May 12, 2020

21 Things That Will Be Different in the Future 

image of an office in a parking lot
The Office of the Future

The question keeps coming up. After a global epidemic has ravaged our populations and our economies, what will the future look like? What will the future of work be; what will the future of travel be; what will entertainment, sports, or restaurants look like? I think I have some answers.
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Friday, May 08, 2020

I Had the Strangest Dream 

POTUS45 riding his parade robot.

I awoke worried I’d lost a bike, an expensive one but maybe I could get in touch with who had it and they could courier it to me. They could box it up and send it back. If that was too much trouble they could just wrap it in plastic and send it. I would gladly cover all the shipping costs. It would cost $250-$300 tops. Then I realized there was no need because what I thought had happened never did. It was an outlandish dream.
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Monday, May 04, 2020

Seen in April 

Jimmy Stewart
Sometimes a telephoto lens is just a telephoto lens.

It turns out I can’t spend all my time watching TV and movies (go figure) so at some point you have to be a little more selective. Here’s what I selected in April.
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