Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fade to Black

Michelangelo Antonioni, 1912-2007
It is unfathomable that two giants of cinema would pass away on the same day.
Michelangelo Antonioni has died. It is almost unfathomable that two giants of cinema of almost the same age would pass away on the same day. Antonioni, like Bergman, was incredibly influential outside of cinema, inspiring reams of essays, books, designs and art pieces. I guess Antonioni was even less commercial than Bergman yet this seemed to only enhance the mythical distance of his films. Though his best known film was probably "Blow Up" I'd suggest "The Passenger" which has one of the most remarkable closing shots you'll see in any movie anywhere, anytime.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ingmar Bergman, 1918–2007

I suppose there's a chess joke in here somewhere but I'll just say that this man was one of those artists who had such an impact on the world that his influence was felt well beyond the borders of his medium. When someone wants to sound smart, they cite Bergman or when someone wants to parody "art films" they satirize Bergman. Yet, Bergman films are far more than merely intelligent, layered exercises in human relationships and far from pretentious "art films". Their greatest component may very well be the raw and intense emotion you're left with when the credits role. All the analysis aside, the best way to remember a storyteller is by enjoying their stories, so maybe this week is as good as any to have your very own Bergman festival (start here).

This week in T.O. might be a very good week to sit in a theatre or at least somewhere with a decent cross-breeze. A cross-breeze is Nature's air conditioner or at least I hope so because we've got a hot week coming up and all I've got are opposing windows and a ceiling fan. I think I'll set aside some time tomorrow to go for a swim or at the very least a float.
The Great Outdoors
Not just a great place to pee - The Great Outdoors is another great indie Canadian band getting good buzz Stateside and on CBCradio3.

The Great OutdoorsIf I Were a Car

If that 30 second clip gets you craving for more (I doubt it will, it took me repeated listening to think to myself - "who is that?") but you can hear the entire track here or at the band's MySpace page.

Is it just me, or are the kids today too damn lazy to learn some basic HTML so they flock to crappy sites like MySpace for their self-expression? While their slightly older peers were inventing things like "MySpace" this generation is happy to use the template provided. I don't get MySpace or Facebook but I guess that just makes me Old Skool.

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Elvis Fest

Hey, good things do grow in Ontario. Like Elvis Fest in Collingwood.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Patate Photo Attack

Friday, July 27, 2007

It is my duty as a gentleman, to inform my immediate family that I am currently growing a mustache of Biblical bushiness (as time allows) that may leave blisters if brushed by the bare hand, snag lady's undergarments if brought too close, ensnare small feral animals during feasting, absorb entire kegs of beer and destroy all interlopers and "poseurs" in its wake. You have been warned.

Peter Rogers,
Secretary General and former champion, Royal Inter-Empire Boules League, Lancashire Office, Bolton, England

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Post Injection

It's Saturday, 4 days after my Bleo injection and while I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, I think I will be happily disappointed. No swelling or soreness, very little nausea, no difficulty breathing, if fact there are no ill effects whatsoever. I wonder why the last two have been so pain free? More antibiotics and steroids at the time of the procedure? Less bleomycin injected? Or were the previous problems signs of infection? I've been more diligent about rinsing my mouth with salt water after I eat (and curse), perhaps that's the difference. Whatever it is, I may even play hockey on Monday. Perhaps I should just go back to worrying about work, bills and roof repair.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Originally uploaded by ghorm2002.

Again, I left it to someone else to post pictures of an event we attended. In this case it was the USA vs Austria U20 quarterfinal at the BMO field in T.O. The first half was pretty good, with a lovely goal set up by Freddie Adu for an Altidore finish. The Americans showed good ball movement, skills and speed but the Austrians just kept coming and eventually the USA's defense let them down. With an inability to clear anything safely, the American team left a lot of chances for the Austrians who scored two goals both on second chances, the second being the winner in the extra frame.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a few showers turned into all out rain. Both Angela and I were soaked through. Angela couldn't stay for the extra time, but as I was already drenched and cold, I thought I'd stick it out. We had just seen the excellent "Rescue Dawn" the night before, and as the lead character, Dieter Dengler had survived months in a Viet Cong prison camp and the Laotian jungle, I figured I could stand another 30 minutes of rain and wind.

Of course, later in the afternoon the clouds cleared and it became a glorious evening and I was able to BBQ a nice steak. Funny how I had a meal of strip loin, cooked just right, with roasted corn and potatoes and a fresh salad for about $5. Which was the same price as a sausage at the ball park. What is with the prices at ball parks, airports, and hotels? It's like "the food of the future", processed to bee-jaysus and priced with 25% inflation built-in. Really, I assume normal hot dogs will cost $5 twenty years from now, but if you'd like you can pay that now at the Rogers Centre. I have seen the future and I've also tasted it. Get use to crappy weather, salty meats and high prices.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sparks Fly

Canada Day Sparklers 1
Despite Canada's loss to Chile, the holiday formerly known as Dominion Day had BBQ fish, great salads and best of all, sparklers! Gina got a great kick out of the sparklers. They don't make crazy noise and are pretty safe (plus there's that slightly sulfurous smell that reminds you of summer nights around a fire). Actually it was a fairly cool day so it was pretty comfortable - I can't recall a Canada Day being anything other than a scorcher in recently years so it was a nice change.

You can see a few other "sparkler pics" by clicking on the image above.

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