Monday, July 16, 2007

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Again, I left it to someone else to post pictures of an event we attended. In this case it was the USA vs Austria U20 quarterfinal at the BMO field in T.O. The first half was pretty good, with a lovely goal set up by Freddie Adu for an Altidore finish. The Americans showed good ball movement, skills and speed but the Austrians just kept coming and eventually the USA's defense let them down. With an inability to clear anything safely, the American team left a lot of chances for the Austrians who scored two goals both on second chances, the second being the winner in the extra frame.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a few showers turned into all out rain. Both Angela and I were soaked through. Angela couldn't stay for the extra time, but as I was already drenched and cold, I thought I'd stick it out. We had just seen the excellent "Rescue Dawn" the night before, and as the lead character, Dieter Dengler had survived months in a Viet Cong prison camp and the Laotian jungle, I figured I could stand another 30 minutes of rain and wind.

Of course, later in the afternoon the clouds cleared and it became a glorious evening and I was able to BBQ a nice steak. Funny how I had a meal of strip loin, cooked just right, with roasted corn and potatoes and a fresh salad for about $5. Which was the same price as a sausage at the ball park. What is with the prices at ball parks, airports, and hotels? It's like "the food of the future", processed to bee-jaysus and priced with 25% inflation built-in. Really, I assume normal hot dogs will cost $5 twenty years from now, but if you'd like you can pay that now at the Rogers Centre. I have seen the future and I've also tasted it. Get use to crappy weather, salty meats and high prices.


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