Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bookcase Down

Ahh the age old lesson - always use quality materials. When will I learn? This newish track from The Besnard Lakes, "Devastation" seemed fitting after finding my favourite books strewn hither and yon. Aren't I old enough to know better not to expect to be able to use junky material to make a bookcase (how many of these things have I made anyway? 6 or 7?) Well, there's first time for everything I guess.
I will say this. My G5 Mac can withstand a lot more than our plastic Dell. I also spent yesterday reviving the Dell by opening it up and unplugging and plugging back in all of the internal drives until the "Hard Drive Not Found" and "NetBios" errors disappeared. After mucking around inside of a Dell for a few minutes, you realize you cannot compare the components of a discount PC to a premier priced Mac. The difference is like comparing a lawn mower engine to a 2.5L Audi something or other.

Live, Learn, Repeat.


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