Friday, May 11, 2007

Shopping With the Stars

The funny thing about Toronto is how many celebrities you see. I don't mean famous celebrities but celebrated individuals nonetheless. Ok; I mean Canadian celebrities. Sure I've see Lanny Macdonald and, I was there when Wayne Gretzky was inducted into the Hall of Fame (in the back of a huge crowd). Sure I've seen a couple of Raptors. I've even seen Buzz Hargrove. I think you get my point. Yet, it's odd when you're shopping in the No Thrills (aka No Frills) and at cash 7 is Chris Murphy, indie rock royalty and Sloan front man. I guess part of me was thinking, hey, neat, he's just a regular guy, and another part of me was thinking - he shops at a discount grocer - I guess there really is money in Real Estate, and by extension, not so much money in being indie rock royalty. Similarly, one time I was walking down Queen St. and there was Ron Sexsmith waiting for the Queen streetcar with all the other plebes. The most recent Canadian Idle to be seen strolling Queen West West (yes yes, there is a Queen West West) was Douglas Coupland. A little more bearded than seen above, but D.C. in the flesh (hirsute flesh it should be noted). It crossed my mind to speak to him, but the thought crossed and went away. What would you say? I like your books that I've never read, enjoy the artwork I've seen, think highly of your designs I've never bought. As it turns out, you say none of the above and let the poor guy window shop in peace.


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