Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bleo Injection: Day Four

I have seen the Future and it is pharmacological. I am currently a fine example of "better living through chemistry". I really should just sign a waiver everywhere I go -
"if you would like to pump me full of experimental drugs which will lessen the effect of the drugs you've already pumped me with - I'd appreciate it."

I've just started a 3 day program of steroids (some kind of steroid) and it's helping a lot! I still feel kind of icky and sort of hung over (dizzy, nauseated, headaches), but how is that different from any other Saturday? Plus, it beats feeling like I did yesterday.

Hopefully, the swelling will stay down by Monday and I'll need nothing more than a Advil or something. Ah Advil, our quick acting friend.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and kind thoughts. If I'm lucky, in a few days you can go back to criticism and jeering.



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