Friday, March 30, 2007

Bleo Injection: Day Three

Strange Dead Jellyfish
Originally uploaded by Leonski.

It has begun. Pretty much right on schedule, my tongue become a saturated, bloated jellyfish. A light, frothy foam has covered the top of my tongue, while the underneath has gone a curious, gelatinous white. That's okay, that's the layer that sloths off anyway. Oh and the pain? Fantastic! Especially if you enjoy electrified vice clamps on your most sensitive areas of your anatomy. Swallowing is not recommended.

Thus it was that I placed a call for some medicated backup. The doctor delivered. Three days worth of some kind of anti-inflammatory steroid. No immediate relief, but hopefully it will make a difference.

Unfortunately, even if the swelling were to recede, I'd still probably be less than ebullient. Mostly because I really really really want a big piece of cheesy pizza.

Suck it up, Peter, suck it up.



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