Friday, May 28, 2021

The Wrong Side

Little Nemo found all the sides of the bed to fall out of.


Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Which side is the wrong side of the bed, again?
Honestly, there are plenty of days when all the sides of the bed appear to be the wrong side and it would have been much safer to stay within all sides of the bed. The bed is a safe, warm space. At some point it becomes a warm, safe and smelly place so exiting from one of the sides is the only appropriate action. Then there are other days when my bed has no wrong sides. All the sides are the right sides. From a geometric point of view, I'm not sure this makes sense. If this matter of bed egress is simply a matter of having a bad day, then I'm guessing over the last year, a whole lot of people had beds with wrong sides.
You can definitely get in on the wrong side of the bed. For a long time I've known my natural go-to-bedtime is so late, it might be considered early. Likewise my natural get-out-of-bedtime is so late that, well, it can only be considered late. To make matters worse, I would find myself lying awake, waiting for sleep to come. It took sleeplessness to realize that all that exercise I used to do made sleep quite easy. I'm not saying it made me a morning person but at the very least it made me a socially acceptable mid-morning person. Than came all the reasons I stopped exercising and then came the pandemic.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Seen in April

The fact that it's the end of May and I'm just posting what I watched in April tells you that I've been busy. Not Chinese 996 busy (some claim the work culture in China is such that you work from 9 AM to 9 PM, 6 days a week), but too busy to finish a day of work in front of the computer, to log in to a different computer to relay my thoughts. In any event, this is what I watched.

Unlikely but endearing friends. Image via The Movie Db.
The Speed Cubers
A great documentary about the friendship between two of the best "speed cubers" in the world. Speed Cubers are those clever, lovable nerds who are devotees of solving Rubik's Cube puzzles as fast as possible. You will be amazed.

John Cleese takes a dip. Image via The Movie Db.
Romance with a Double Bass
A short film based on a Chekov story about a how a double bass player headed to the palace to play for a princess' wedding has his tuxedo stolen as he takes a cool dip on a hot summer day.  The very same princess also has her clothing stolen by the same thief when she wades into the same creek to untangle her fishing line. The two cross paths and despite both being naked, the class distinction between the two remains. The musician concocts a plan to get the princess back to the palace by smuggling her in his large double bass case, which means he has to get both the princess and his double bass back to the palace. The comedic duo is played by the brilliant John Cleese and his then wife Connie Booth. Warning: humourous nudity and British accents.
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