Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I am mesmerized by this track by Ratatat (from the album Classics), called appropriately, "Wildcat".

I'm like the guy on Seinfeld who pauses whenever hearing "Desperado" or like Owen Wilson's mescaline meltdown in The Royal Tenenbaums, when he whispers softly, "...wildcat, -rrrrarrr..." there's just something about that guitar hook sharp enough to hang meat from, and the whirling synth (and is that a cell phone?) that makes the mind think of how, "The crickets and the rust-beetles scuttled among the nettles of the sage thicket. "VĂ¡monos, amigos," he whispered, and threw the busted leather flintcraw over the loose weave of the saddlecock. And they rode on in the friscalating dusklight."

Holy crap, in writing this I've listened to 'Wildcat' on loop 3 times and have wasted 45 minutes! Definitely not music to work to.

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