Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Track of the Day

If you know me, you know I subscribe to an annoyingly long list of podcasts. One of which is CBC Radio3's Track of the Day, wherein a staff member pitches a song that has recently caught their attention. It's not a new idea - NPR's All Songs Considered has a similar podcast. Well, not one to re-invent the spork, I too give you my track of the day. Normally, I could just point you to the CBC3 podcast where I first heard this, but it seems it is rather embedded in a Flash player, so I've had to do the same thing.

Suspense be damned, you've waited long enough...this is Royal Wood (not, as you might think his Porn Name, but his given name), the track is Mirror Without (as in "what good's a mirror without a face..." If a mirror breaks in the bathroom but no one is there, does anyone get bad luck?) from the album A Good Enough Day. I think I read somewhere that Wood's music runs a lineage of Randy Newman, Jeff Buckley, to Tom Waits. As I only know a couple songs, I don't hear it. Personally, it reminds me of a young Billy Joel... okay, I'm no good at this 'musical heritage' game - and maybe what I've said doesn't bode well for the young man. Decide for yourself (Note: this track probably won't appeal to those who like their Rock to Roll, or their Punk to spit - but may be enjoyed by kinder, gentler, Rufus Wainwrighty types)

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