Sunday, October 01, 2006

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We ventured out last night to wander with a few thousand other people to check out Toronto's Nuit Blanche (art installations open from sunset to sunrise). We lasted until a bit after midnight on a sojourn that began from our Western Edge HQ on Fern, along Queen St. W. from Gladstone, past re-contextualized car washes, up through Trinity-Bellwoods then over to Philosopher's Walk and the rooftop patio at the Gardiner Museum. The highlights were an installation of 19th century military style tents in the bowl of Trinity-Bellwoods by Tom Sokoloski and the 'Microclimate' at Philosopher's Walk at U of T (basically a kick-ass fog machine). Searching the Web to see other 'Nuit Blanche' nights in Europe, it's clear that Toronto couldn't match Paris or where ever, yet, despite the less than great weather, there was a festive mood on the streets and every coffee shop and restaurant was over flowing with people who'd ventured out. It was 'Culture as Economic Engine' in action. Too bad Stephen Harper doesn't know that (can you tell he's getting advice from Mulroney et al?)
It was a fun time and like Ang said, it felt like we were going out on Halloween or something. The surprising part was the variety of people taking it all in. From families to twenty-something hiptsers, to hip-replacement recipients, everyone was having a good time, even though a good many of them pronounced the evening "Newy Blank".

We had plans to meet up with a few people and eventually we did, but Toronto does not lend itself to 'meeting up'. Too much terrain, too much to do, too little 'Nuit'.

By the way, if you're finding yourself procrastinating (of this-I know of what I speak) and you need some musical motivation to "Git 'er done" - I recommend a little Wolf Parade action.

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