Tuesday, September 12, 2006

(Rider Created Content for the Toronto Transit Commission)
Rather than write a post, I thought I would just post this series of speculative ads I made for the TTC. Basically I was just trying to show how simply an effective ad for the TTC could be created. Of course, there's no chance the TTC would ever think of marketing themselves outside of their own vehicles. Print ads on streetcars and in the subway always struck me as preaching to the choir. I mean, if I'm on a streetcar - I don't have to be convinced to take the streetcar. In any event, this is what happens when you stop watching TV - you make some out of boredom.

This one has a great piece of music, appropriately called, "No Cars Go" by Arcade Fire

Have Rocket - will travel. Stock NASA footage plus funky Broken Social Scene track and voila - a transit ad.

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