Thursday, September 07, 2006

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So about a week ago, I was on the streetcar coming back from downtown when we passed the old Bank of Montreal building. The bank had been closed for some time and had been used as the campaign headquarters of a federal MP before being abandoned. What I saw was encouraging. It appeared as if someone was putting money into the place as some construction looked as if a new entrance was being made. It looked a little like a faux-50's style diner. Later in the week, what I thought would be a diner, now looked like a vintage clothing store for large-size women. I didn't really think you could sell old clothes to fat women...but what do I know. I liked the new retro looking sign though. "Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway".

Eventually, after cleaning up some old junk mail, I found a flyer announcing road closures for filming in our neighbourhood for the film "Hairspray". That explained "Mr Pinky's". Luckily, I hadn't asked anyone if they wanted to check out that new diner, which turned out to be a film set.

But here's the really interesting part. I wanted to write this entry with a photo, but didn't want to bother going up to Dundas to take one. So, a minute on Flickr and voilĂ  - over 80 photos had already been posted by a half-dozen or so Torontonians. In a way, it makes for an interesting way to gauge the zeitgeist of an area. Just check out what photos people are sharing (but not the naughty ones, they don't tell you anything).



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