Sunday, August 13, 2006

Monkey on the bed
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Yesterday was an awful lot of fun. Bernice came by in the morning to assemble Gina's cake, Ang baked cookies, and I sketched up this card. Then we headed over to Nona Park, and enjoyed the quiet, treed environs of a suburban back yard (trimmed and pruned into an earthly paradise by Angela's Mom). There was good food, good company, beautiful weather, a sound nap, a cool beer and entertainment provided by a cake fuelled three-year-old. It was certainly a lovely day under the shade of Nona's crab apple and pear trees.

I'm feeling as close to normal as I've felt in eight months. Unfortunately for Chris that my better health spilled into his kidney, lodging a painful stone only to be flushed out after a couple of painful days. I didn't mention we had just seen an episode of Deadwood wherein a major character suffers greatly while trying to pass a stone. It seems trite to say, "I know what you've been through - I saw it on the TV, I did, yes sirree". All I know is in this day and age, you have to be in a lot of pain before you get Morphine, and I haven't been close to that prescription at all. After what I've been through this year of minor (or less minor) annoyances, I'm looking forward to just being level and my own version of healthy, wealthy and (hopefully) wise.




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