Saturday, July 01, 2006

Revue neon
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Tonight was the last screening at the Revue Cinema. Their last two shows were The Wizard of Oz and Lawerence of Arabia (they sold out having offered the tickets at $1 a piece). A community group has formed and hopefully the community at large will realize the importance of having a thriving local cinema as part of the diversity of the street. As I'm writing this I notice that the Revue's website is down. Hopefully it is only a temporary hiatus. There was a gathering of about 50 or so people outside the cinema tonight trying to rally support for their plan to operate the theatre as a not-for-profit business (sort of like me at the moment - sheesh).

I can't say I went to the Revue very often - maybe only 4 or 5 times, but it certainly warmed my heart knowing it was there. Hopefully they can make a go of running it. I have to admit, the way some people talk about opening a coffee shop or a restaurant, I always day dreamed about running a theatre. Well, I bought a "Save the Revue" t-shirt and I've signed on as a volunteer so we'll see just how far this goes.


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