Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stanford campus
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This week Angela is in sunny California, attending the Diagrams 2006 Conference on the beautiful Stanford Campus, which leaves me at home alone. Don't worry 'bout ol' Pete - I'm a one man amusement park. Why just yesterday I was thinking of all the things, other than TV, I could do around the house.

Welcome to the Not-Dating Game where contestants attempt to out do each other's inane pass times.

Bachelor #1, what kind of entertainment do you like when you're alone?

Bachelor #1:
Ummm… I like to rent movies, forget about 'em, then, like, remember I have them around 10PM and watch them until I fall asleep. Unless there's a game on - like now - (raising his fists and pumping them in an ape-like fashion above his head) - WORLD CUP!!! Woooooooo hooooooo!! Am I right? Go England! Woooohooo!!!

Okay okay, settle down now, ha ha, what fun.
Now Bachelor#2, what kind of meal do you like when you're alone?


Is that it?

well, steak and frites, but you know frites some times take awhile... you gotta cut up the potatoes and what not.

So that's it?

Or ribs. They take awhile too. hmmm… maybe ribs. No, steak.

Okay, well put, lots of thought put in that, great.
Bachelor#3, what's your favorite beverage for your "alone time" - something you really like to treat yourself to?




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