Monday, August 07, 2006

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This is a quick note to let everyone know I'm feeling much better - and my diet is increasingly solid - scrambled eggs no less! Last week I was in some pain, but after talking to the doctor he prescribed something that helped. It was a strong anti-inflammatory drug - which really helped with the pain. I guess it acts as a pain killer without any of the usual drowsiness or hallucinatory side effects (shame really - I was sort of hoping for a "Beatles go to India/ Timothy Leary" type of experience). It allowed me to sleep the whole night through which I think really improved my disposition. That drug is done now. It can be quite harsh on your stomach so you can only take it for a few days in succession. It got me through the rough spot and today I've just taken a few Advil and it hasn't been that bad.

Other than that, things should return to normal this week. We finally got our new blind for the living room and replaced the dreaded main sail that had been an imposing presence for 3 years. Of course, when we moved in, I said that curtain was the first thing that had to go. We'll be adding a curtain soon, but it looks nice without it. I've started building a new book shelf and I've got a couple of contracts lined up and if this fantastic weather holds up (sunny days, bearable heat, cool evenings) then August should be a very fine month. I'm looking forward to starting physio on my hand, which is healing well, and looking forward to general Santé! It would be nice to just be healthy for awhile.

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