Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I have a bone to pick

Well, not so much to pick but get x-rayed and poked at. Yet another repercussion of the injury in January, is that a small bone in my wrist is occasionally popping or dislocating. Let's hear it for the Lunate bone! So it's more x-rays for me and yet another thing to complain about! I just can't get enough of our medical system - waiting time for a non-emergency x-ray? Just over 3 weeks.

More promisingly, the nerve re-generation in my hand continues and at last check with the neurologist it appears to be in the last stages of early healing (yes, you read that correctly). Another follow-up in three months, just a few weeks shy of a year. The neurologist said that despite telling people 6-8 months, he often finds full recovery is a year, but avoids saying it, so as not to depress people too much. How thoughtful.



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