Saturday, December 20, 2008

pre-winter blast, originally uploaded by rowdyman.

I don't think saying, "I couldn't even see the CN Tower from my window yesterday" makes any sense unless you know that I can always see the CN Tower. Just to make it clear, how unclear the view was, the photo above shows a typical sight line and the one yesterday at the height of the storm. It's always strange to witness a storm blow through a town as the familiar is hidden and transformed. While one part of your brain is saying, "We should go home, right now." there's another part saying, "What? Go out? In that? Right now? You're crazy!"

I knew as soon as I had left the office I would be walking the whole way. While I saw dozens of street cars heading East bound, in about 1hr and 20 mins. I saw zero West bound Street cars on King, and only 2 West bound cars on Queen (one of which was packed like the express to Mumbai - the other appeared so close to home it would have been pointless to take).

Six kilometres walking through uncleared streets was tiring but at some point the wind stopped and the streets were quiet and still. It was admittedly, very pretty. I also have to admit that there were times when I jogged through a snowstorm and felt like Neil Lumsden tromping down a first down in some epic Grey Cup.


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