Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good-bye Snoozy Tuesday 

Here's my Monday night routine apr├ęs hockey. I get home, hang my equipment to dry, get a tall cool glass of something (sometimes with alcohol), run the hottest possible shower and wash away the stink, the sweat and the aches. By the time I roll into bed it's usually after 1:30 or later. By the time I flicker off to sleep it may be closer to 2 AM.

Waking is not easy. The rest of the day is horrible. Usually I spend Tuesdays hauling myself around like a re-animated corpse. Last week, after nodding and wrenching my head violently awake, I was so desperate to spur some kind of attentiveness that I shot-gunned an energy drink and gorged on a large format chocolate bar (proceeded by several large cups of coffee). The only effect was an irregular heartbeat and an upset stomach.

Today was different. I was just too busy to be tired. Sorry, that's sort of the punch line. I'm too tired right now to even know what I'm writing.



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