Friday, November 07, 2008

Bad Time to be Poor

This song by the Rheostatics, covered here by the Weakerthans, was originally recorded over a decade ago - it feels like a knock against the Mike Harris government who while screwing over the poor also screwed over everybody else. Then after a thorough screwing, you got a kick in the nuts just for good measure - but don't worry, the idiot Jim Flaherty who did wonders screwing up Ontario's economy will bring his acumen for downloading services and destroying vibrant economies nationally. That's right. The rest of Canada gets to see what this former litigation lawyer can really do - watch him wield a calculator like a clumsy axeman. It was a bad time to be poor in the mid-nineties.

Now here we are, in the pit of one of the worst economic collapses since the 1920's and a lot more people will be finding out what most of the world's population already knows. It's always a bad time to be poor.

Bad Time to be Poor

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