Sunday, November 02, 2008

Now It Ends (we can only HOPE)

This year has seen the unprecedented use of attack ads in Canada by the Conservatives (whether there was an election or not) and despite claims that rivals would not take "the low road to the highest office" American presidential hopefuls have continued the fine tradition of swapping low blows. I guess as long as these kinds of ads work politicians will continue to run them. Are those ads really effective? Do sensible people watch an ad and think, "well, if that guy's adversary says so - then it's gotta be true!"

While there's still a couple of days left I thought I'd remind everyone how ridiculous negative ads can be by posting these two parodies. The one above is from Mad TV. The one below is an old favorite here at the theatre - John Hodgeman's Attack Ads.

John Hodgeman Attack Ads

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