Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Phones Have Cameras

This is the reason mobile phones have cameras.

NOTE: I just had to fix the missing image of this post not just because it's such a weird Toronto image but also as it marks the day I started using an iPhone and it was the first photo I took with it. What this really means is that I'm not quite two years through my three year contract and I'm already on my third iPhone. Not such a great record. What this also says to me is that as your contract will certainly outlive the device, I would advise getting a two year contract rather than the three-year one (about a year too long) and as I got one phone replaced under warranty and the third heavily discounted it's still better than getting a phone unlocked outside of a plan as you'd be paying about $400 more than with a contract. Also, for me, the likelihood of changing providers within two years is slight. In 10 years I've only switched twice, from Bell, to Rogers to Fido. Take that as advice, if you care to.

August, 2010

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