Sunday, September 14, 2008

Between the Poles

Okay, bad pun. This weekend was the annual Polish festival on Roncesvalles and despite the threat of rain and a couple of heavy downpours it seems to have been another success. Usually these sort of events get on my nerves — the blaring Polish renditions of Abba or Conway Twitty would drive anyone nuts, and the crowd seems to include a very high number of "fringe" residents trying to blend in (can't put my finger on it, but where the hell do all these shirtless, scrawny, tattooed, 60-year old guys come from? Did a Stones Roadies re-union touch down somewhere?) Yet, it certainly adds to the overall charm of the 'hood and it is pretty amazing how well attended it is.

Still... street fairs? For a better explanation, see the video.



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