Saturday, August 16, 2008


Finally, Canada has a suite of medals. We just watched Ryan Cochrane win the bronze in the 1500m swim. 1500 metres? That's like 50 laps of the pool I swim in. These guys swam that in 14 minutes. I've never actually swam that far, usually giving up after 40 laps.

...and finally, we had a real summer Saturday. I rode down to Harbourfront today, and it was alive with performers, crowds and vendors selling roasted corn. It's been the wettest summer on record and a few weekends can only be described as moist. This week was an oddly tropical mix of sun and torrential rate which climaxed on Friday with a monsoon-like downpour. Where was I during this storm? Oh, I was riding my bike. In a ride that usually takes 15 minutes, I was trapped for almost 30 minutes. At times it let up enough to ride and just get wet, while at others, it was just too dangerous to continue. At one point I stood under a tree and just laughed. The rainfall was a roar. I tried wiping water from my glasses but with what? A wet shirt tail? Water was gushing through my helmet and into my eyes. When I finally made it home I was soaked, of course. It was as though I had jumped in the pool with my clothes on. I walked directly to the washing machine, took everything off and threw them for a spin cycle. Naked, I walked upstairs and toweled dry.

Within minutes of getting dressed, the rain subsided, inky clouds floated away and sun sparkled from every surface. Getting wet wasn't so bad. It turns out Mom was right. I'm not made of sugar.



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