Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Province Blacktop

1200 km from Toronto to Métis-sur-Mer

We drove 12 hours over 2 days to install a sonic potato battery for the 2008 International Garden Festival at the Jardins de M├ętis, Quebec. Unfortunately, we hit an impenetrable wall of rain and cold that lasted for the whole week. Then, just when we thought we'd enjoy a day in Quebec City, our car decided against it. The car alarm went haywire, reversing itself by being armed when the doors were unlocked (think about that for a second; unlocking the doors armed the alarm). We solved that problem with a cunning duo-key-cum-security-deposit-box solution. All that crap aside, it was still worth the drive, if not for the potatoes then for the memories. I don't recall them at the moment, but I'm sure it will come. Mostly because I recorded everything.

Pomme de parterre
International Garden Festival

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