Thursday, May 22, 2008

I, the Jury

Twelve Angry Men – now I know why they're so angry

My name is Peter Rogers and I'm being held against my will. Lawfully, but against my will. Prisoner number 25253, sorry that's juror number 25253, occupation: Graphic Designer, Toronto.

I'm not really sure where or how they get your name, number, and occupation but I was called, and I served. It was incredibly, unbelievably, mind numbingly dull. Probably more than 500 citizens gathered in a large, bright, airless room. The only constant seemed to be the white noise whoosh of the air exchange. In three days, I was called upon once, as part of a group of about 120, from which 60 of us were chosen and asked to wait in successively smaller rooms. Out of the 60 I was the 59th person called. They comprised their jury from before reaching the 30th person called (I know all this by the numbers assigned to us).

So little happened over the course of three days, that you might believe you were captive in some sort of psychological experiment.

Test Condition 39456 – Keeping Subjects in a Large Bright Airless Room for 21 hours.
Goal: To discover, if requested by an authoritative source, to show up at an assigned place and at an assigned time, will people stay without use of force and how will they smell?

If this experience has taught me anything it is that if you're given an opportunity to be tried by a jury of your peers... maybe you should take a pass on that.



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