Monday, May 05, 2008

The Real Great Lake Swimmers

photo: Bernice Iarocci
When you've called during the past year, and I've said Angela was busy – this is what I was talking about. Over 2000 students, educators, artists and designers have been brought together through Project Fishnet to create over 1200 textile fish now exhibited at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Angela and Claire have been working at a pace that would make James Brown look like lazy. That pace hit a fever pitch in the last two weeks as volunteers were culled from every corner, photos were Photoshopped, graphics were printed and fish were strung. The show opened last Friday and from everything I saw it was a hit. I think some of the hard-core art folk were a little taken aback by the presence of so many kids, though that didn't stop them from polishing off the punch bowl (oh yeah, ol' skool punch bowl).

Check out the Fishnet Web site, and gallery of fish crafted by artists and kids alike (including your humble author).

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