Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Lake Swimmers

There's obviously a million better things to be doing right at this moment (Current Conditions: Partly Cloudy, 23°C): getting groceries, tuning up my bike, going for a bike ride, getting my skates sharpened, cutting up that large log that landed on our lawn, planting something? Instead, I'm inside writing this. Why? Because a recent series of Boston Pizza ads have been driving me nuts. They use this great snippet music in these advertisements that are meant to serve up a little piece of a Canadiana along with some pizza. I recognized the music – but from where?

It occurred to me when discussing Angela's Fishnet Project and I mentioned she should invite the Great Lake Swimmers to the opening. The Great Lake Swimmers isn't as the name suggests, a group of swimming enthusiasts dedicated to propelling themselves through Lake Ontario et al, but are an indie Folk trio from Ontario. Upon uttering their name I realized it was a Great Lake Swimmers' tune used in the ads. A little iTunes sniffing and I found the song which I've posted in its entirety. The song is "Imaginary Bars" from the album "Bodies and Minds". Listen by clicking below. Enjoy.

Listen Here

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