Saturday, August 09, 2008

Not a bad day for Canadians on the road in Beijing. Michael Barry had a top ten finish in the Olympic road race thanks to a great team effort but notably another cervélo bike made the podium just as they did in the Tour de France. Cheers to cervélo, a Canadian company that have proven if you make a top quality product you can compete internationally. Cheers too, to the Swiss rider who without any team support, rode alone to take the bronze

I told myself I wouldn't get sucked into the Olympics this time around, but I still found myself getting caught up in the events. And when I rode my old school Bianchi six-speed with friction shifters to the pool I felt a little like Simon Whitfield. Okay okay, it's a ten minute ride and I only swam for 30 minutes but even a journey of a thousand miles begins with single step.

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