Sunday, September 21, 2008

40 Rock

Our Autumnal Equinox is now made glorious summer not merely by the sunny countenance of the day but our summery contentedness that good health provides.

Or something like that? Is that what Richard the Third was talking about? No? Whatever.

Summer came to an end this weekend and with it the curtain fell on the youth of at least two of our friends. We attended not one, but two parties for friends turning 40 and 41. It was a strange week of nostalgia (a dangerous thing for anyone over 20) and seeing people that I haven't talked to in probably 15 years. It's all good. It has to be. Interpreting such things differently could be your downfall – I'm pretty sure poor soothsaying brought down the Roman Empire.

Whether seeing aging classmates or feeling the winds of seasonal change in the air, I felt the need to up my activity level. A 1KM swim on Saturday and a 55KM + ride on Sunday. If I didn't feel 40 before, I feel it now.

Feel my pain.

Below is the map of the ride I took today - took a ghastly 3 hours

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