Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Split image showing Jesse on one side and Walt on the other with the title Breaking Bad overlaid in such a way that the words King and Bad are isolated. This could get bad. Image via Murray Mitchell

I've just started watching Breaking Bad Season 5. The current temperatures in Toronto - mid-30s or around 40 with the Humidex reading, seem in sympathy with a show like this (or Walking Dead where any human is perspiring heavily). The very physical discomfort of sitting in a Toronto apartment match the uncomfortableness and unease of the show's characters. Adding to this discomfort is that I have a cold. So I'm feeling pretty not-so-wonderful in the evenings. The really draining part is not sleeping then dragging yourself to work again. Super. But I shouldn't complain. At least the office is comfortable. Before this heat began, the office seemed over chilled but now it simply feels "not hot".

All I'm saying is: Beer, good show cued up, too hot to move. Don't expect too much of me at the moment.

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