Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under Attack… and Loving It 

Under Attack… and Loving It! v2
I reserve the right to leave this image unexplained.

“It's summer in the city.”
Tonight, summer arrived in a big pimped-out super-stretch white limo with gold trim and white leather interior. A pair of long smooth tan legs periscoped from the moon roof. Jet black fresh tires roiled pavement puddles, rippling reflected neon stripes that rolled beneath the moon-dyed silvern clouds. A canopy of dark leaves heaved above the radiant concrete. It's summer in the city. This is the season when youth attacks, as the grownups rock from their turrets and lean on railings in a nostalgic reverie. So that's the way this play list goes - from high energy to soulful dark sky watching. In summer, the whole world feels young again. Let the kids play.

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