Thursday, June 06, 2013

Wet, She's a Star 

Esther Williams wowed man and Mer-man alike with her athletic hour glass figure and classic good looks
“Wet, she's a star. Dry, she ain't.”
Esther Williams, the queen of Technicolor watery musical extravaganzas, has died. One can only assume Ryan Lochte, the American Olympic medalist, dreams of stardom of the likes of Williams or Johnny Weissmuller though I don't know if Lochte's charisma is enough to make up for his lack of any dry land talents. Williams on the other hand, never had any greater thespian aspirations than looking great in a one-piece. She herself was said to have enjoyed Fanny Brice's put down, "Wet, she's a star, dry she ain't." which was apparently aimed at Eleanor Holm, and not Ms. Williams. That unpretentious nature and her beauty were a winning combination.

It warms the heart to know Esther Williams lived to 91 though maybe her movie success didn't translate to happy marriages (see the New York Times piece). Yet, as she exited the lime light relatively young, she left a treasure of youthful images rather than watching her in some slow public decline. When I think of that smile and those gams - that totally went up to here! (he said gesturing up to his neckline), well, lets say it warms more than my heart.

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