Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Cruelest Month, The Musical 


The Cruelest Month by Peter Rogers on Grooveshark

To provide a salve to the damaged soul, I put together this playlist of tracks that seemed to sum up the strangeness of last April. To be sure we've moved on. Since April, the Boston bombers have been killed or apprehended while their victims have begun to piece their damaged lives back together. The mayor of Toronto has been accused of smoking crack cocaine (though a co-worker rightly points out that Rob Ford is far too fat to be a crack addict), "super" tornados have ravaged the mid-west with frightening ferocity killing not only residents but respected storm-chasers, Conservative senators dodged one scandal only to step into another and one bad news story piled on top of another.

Well, hell, that's life. That's when we find refuge in art, isn't it? I sank into a theatre and watched two trifling flights of fantasy and laughed through a season of comedies. Tonight I removed a failing bike computer with something like 2400 km on it and I'm charging a new one as I write this. Funny, but I can't seem to just throw out the old one. Despite being digital, it feels like a record of my meagre biking – it's actually the second one of that make - I think the previous one, since misplaced, had about 1200 km frozen on its display.

Yet you really do have to start anew. Tomorrow's another day. Get back on your horse and ride off into another sunset. I think there's a scientific phrase for the human ability to put bad memories out of your mind and just get on with it, but for the life of me, I can't recall it. I've moved on.

Here's the Rdio Playlist - for those subscribed to that service:

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