Saturday, July 07, 2012

Where the Sun Don't Shine

Usually you are told if a headache persists for more than three days, to see your doctor, yet as I've had this head ache for a few days, and I'm not dead and these are the same days that we were to have thunderstorms, I've concluded it's environmental.

Scientists say there's no connection between air pressure and migraines but my guess is those scientists don't get migraines. I think they tried to find a connection between air pressure and migraines and found none, but most people believe it's the "change" in air pressure, not the number itself that is important. Either way, I've found that after there's been a thunderstorm and the air smells weirdly metallic afterwords, that's when a headache you have might alleviate, or when you don't have a headache that's when you'll get one. For awhile I associated that smell as a symptom of the headache – it was that strong a connection, only to realize that it wasn't just me. Many people report that smell of metal - like after scrubbing an aluminum pot with steel wool (ions in the moisture in the air or something?)

Apparently - there is a connection between higher temperatures or quick temperature changes that trigger migraines (like a 5-8 degree shift) which makes sense and that may have to do with hydration as well. Either way, rest, ibuprofen, water, heat pad are the only tools I've got. It's weird, but I still have a mild headache right now.

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