Monday, April 02, 2012

London Calling 

Despite my previous strategy to not photograph public monuments but just experience them, because let's face it, someone else has already taken a better photo of it, I couldn't resist this view of Parliament. Click on the image for a lager view.

Three guarantees from any trip to London: very tired feet, dodgy kebabs, and spectacular photo-ops. I did something very touristy this time around. I went around (and around) in the London Eye. The millennial project is a well known tourist trap but it is also a well done one with fantastic views of the city. I've talked myself out of doing it three times before but on this occasion it was just me and I had the time and the energy and it was a wonderful day so all excuses and bets were off. The views were really spectacular. I only wish I'd had the patience to wait 20 minutes or so when the dusk light, setting sun and the city lights were all in alignment.

A view of a pod or gondola from another pod. Click on the image for a lager view.

I took plenty of photos but I took plenty of time to try and just soak it in as well. If you ever find yourself in London on a clear day, ignore the cynics and take the time (time to line up to get tickets and time to line up to get on and time to go around). It's well worth it. Maybe one piece of advice would be to buy your tickets in advance or online as that's the slowest and worst part of the experience.



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