Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Darling Buds of May  

20120511 Sextodecimo from rowdyman on 8tracks.

This playlist is consists of music that is either a live recording or I heard simply as a background to something else and as such, it was compiled largely through the iPhone App, "Shazam" - the near magical application that listens to some recorded music and after comparing it to an online database, identifies the track.

You can download the mixed playlist here (66.3 MB)

Track List

1. Suddenly - Carmen McRae
While making pesto with a new food processor, this tune randomly popped up through iTunes. I stopped what I was doing to listen.

2. The Waiting Game - Hannah Georgas
Recorded in the Exclaim! alley way, as part of an interview with "Gorgeous" Hannah Georgas.

3. La Pasión Según San Marcos - Maria Guinand
Heard this on an All Songs Considered Podcast. Purchased the album for Easter

4. Lillies of the Valley - Jun Miyake
From the soundtrack to the film, Pina, which is where I heard it.

5. Dissolve - The Chemical Brothers
Heard in a BBC documentary about comedian David Walliams who swam 140 miles of the Thames River in 10 days to raise money for Sport Relief.

6. Intergalactic - The Beastie Boys
Sadly, heard this as part of a news piece about Adam Yauch's passing.

7. Around the World - Daft Punk
Heard the bass line in another tune, thought it was this track instead.

8. Harvest Moon - Poolside
Ok, just part of a great Chirp playlist.

9. How You Like Me Now - The Heavy
I'm pretty sure this is in a car ad.

10. Sinnerman - Nina Simone
Another car ad (or sampled for the music in one).

11. Lord I'm the True Vine - Eddie Head and his Family
Chirp again.

12. Waitin' Around to Die - Townes Van Zandt
I think Rainn Wilson (the actor who plays Dwight Schrute on the American version of The Office) tweeted a post of this track. Yay for me mentioning as many nerdy things possible in one sentence.

13. On My Way Back Home - Band of Horses
KEXP? Maybe? Who knows.

14. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - Scott Walker
Another movie, but again, I don't know which one. Something involving teen-age heartbreak.

15. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror - Elvis Costello
I saw Florence and the Machine doing a Unplugged concert and when I searched Unplugged, this was one of a half dozen surprisingly popular tracks. It's from one of my favourite Costello albums but not the sort of song you think many people know.

16. Always Look On the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python
I saw a clip of Monty Python's cheese shop sketch on YouTube and one thing led to another.

17. Music Box Dancer - Anonymous
An ice cream truck that's been driving around the neighbourhood has been manically playing this.

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