Monday, November 28, 2011

Airport Limo Awaits

This weekend I flew from Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto. I left from work and it took me twelve minutes to get there.

I'll just repeat that. Twelve minutes. I took my bicycle. I rode South on Strachan Avenue for a few minutes, then the rest of the way was bicycle path. Then I parked/locked my ride and flew away. When I landed, I took a bus and then walked straight to my host's door. Simple.

When I arrived back in Toronto I left the terminal, waded through the crowds waving for cabs or getting aboard the shuttle to Union Station, ambled to my bike, unlocked it, loaded it up and rode away. 15 minutes later, I was home. No gas. No parking fees. It's a rare and fine opportunity that makes so much sense I wish all inter-city travel was that easy.

The time before that, I left from Pearson International. The pre-arranged car service cost $65 to the airport and for a pre-arranged pick-up on the way home it cost $75. Those combined rates were almost what my flight this weekend cost. Food for thought.

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