Thursday, October 20, 2011

Piccadilly Circus 

Piccadilly Circus over 40 years later

I've been in London since Sunday morning and I've only really had a few moments of discomfort or awaking at odd hours (saying aloud, "Where am I? Where was I?") and now the week is almost over. Friday, if I'm lucky I'll get a quick trip to the Tate Modern and maybe the Design Museum. I've been part of some fascinating research that has taken me into more British homes than I've seen in over 30 years of coming here. The fact I've been before, seems to surprise most people, though I don't know why. That I can make appropriate references to the Two Ronnies, Wombles (though I think some colleagues here are actually too young for that), or Marks & Sparks liquorice seems to earn you a few easy points. Occasionally I'll mention Newfoundland without an ounce of recognition from the locals. Well done, Brits, you forced us to memorize your imperialism, though you've forgotten it yourself. I guess that is what being “Imperial” means.

The photo of Piccadilly above seems roughly the same angle as one my mother took some, oh I don't know, 45 or so years ago. Her's is accidentally underexposed and washed with what can only be described as Kodachrome blue. Odd, my iPhone app doesn't have a Kodachrome filters (though others do). It is strange that people will say, you should see... and then proceed to list all the famous sites I've seen before, though can hardly remember. See Parliament. See it? I've sat in the gallery during a debate about duck pond protection. Tower Bridge. Yup. Tower of London. Yup. Westminster. Yawn. Unfortunately, I find myself drawn to the shops (sheesh) more than the cultural spots. Which is not my usual thing. I'll try to broaden my scope on Friday and Saturday. There you go. A day and a half to take in London. I'm sure can be done. Maybe I should consult the New York Times or just amble on my own.

Right now I'm on my last legs, so I will shortly be on my back. Goodnight Piccadilly. Goodnight Leicester Square. Goodnight Covent Garden.



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