Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh TIFFany 

image from Gianmarco Magnani

It's that time of year again. The city is "abuzz" with celebs and Cinemania for the Toronto International Film Festival, otherwise known as TIFF or The Festival or "Crap, this street is closed for what? A red carpet! This is an outrage, I ought… oh my God, I just saw what's her face from that thing with the guy!" You may also hear a lot of "…shorter than I thought." or "Yeah, her skin was gloooowing – like it was lit from within."

Yet, each year I think I'll try to catch something and never do because past experience has taught me that anything I've heard of will a) be in wide release in a few weeks, b) be sold out because everyone else has heard about it or c) not sold out because it's a dud. The first year living in Toronto, I went to a seminar and caught maybe 4-5 films. I was able to get tickets because it was the middle of the day. Because I was unemployed. These days I'm happily (over)employed and can't imagine sneaking out to see a movie for $20. The manic ticket grabbing has also made the festival a no-go zone for me, unfortunately. The thing I really love about the festival is that the films are "introduced" and the film maker is often there and will answer questions. It makes movie going special and theatrical.

I'll probably try to see something this week but if I do, it'll probably be a little known art film never to be seen again. Which is alright. That's what the festival should do. Though it would be nice to see that hot young thing, what's her name, you know, she did that thing with the guy from that other thing where they were in a place?

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