Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smooth Move, ex-lax 

We made the big move yesterday with maybe only slightly less effort than Cadel Evans' big move in yesterday's time trial (vaulting him from 3rd to 1st!) The heat was less today but still over 30 and warmer with humidity factored in (I think it topped out at 37C today compared to over 40 on Thursday). I keep thinking it's probably fine weather to sit on a patio with a beer but just ungodly hot for moving.

Luckily our movers were great and very professional and had moved both of us by just after lunch. Then we went on an expedition to find a fan for me which took longer than the move!? Finally got one at Rona.

We still have a few things to move out (small stuff to put in storage) and we got a dumpster "bag"; a huge vinyl bag which you unfold on your lawn and call a crane to come pick up. It's like a soft dumpster that costs a little less than getting a dumpster. But we have 2-3 weeks to do all that — should be done with a week left to clean up.



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