Sunday, July 03, 2011

Canada Dry Day 

Take a tipple from a bottle of ginger ale you made yourself. It's like a science experiment gone right!

It's a been a hot weekend here in Hogtown. It started to feel like the Big Smoke as the sky grew hazier and hazier. Hopefully that haze will be broken with the recent showers.

But what can you do when there aren't any showers to break the heat? Just reach for some olde-fashioned homemade ginger ale. I just made some and it's a lightly fizzy, refreshing drink that goes well with white rum or gin. It's easy-peasy.

For a litre bottle, mix a ½ cup of sugar, with ¼ teaspoon of yeast. Poor that into an empty 1 litre pop bottle.

Grate enough fresh ginger root to make about a tablespoon's worth. Set aside in a bowl, then squeeze the juice of a lemon over the ginger.

Pour this into the pop bottle over the sugar and yeast mixture. Top up the bottle with water but leave about 2" of air space. Shake to combine.

Cap the bottle tightly and leave on the counter for about 24 hours. This gives enough time for the yeast to ferment and create just a little bit of fizz (not soft drink "fizz" but more like a light beer "fizz"). Pop it in the fridge to cool and once it's cold crack it open (slowly) and enjoy.

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