Sunday, July 10, 2011

Signal Hill 

Thus far my trip back to Newfoundland has delivered big family meals, some physical activity, sight-seeing, whales spotted, sun, wind, fog and rain. Here's a few photos from an afternoon outing to Signal Hill. On a sunny day you've got amazing vistas of the city and of the Atlantic Ocean, and if you're lucky like we were, you may even spot some whales.

Music is Black Hole by Kenseth Thibideau

There was also a wedding going on while we were there and a local had with him his enormous Newfoundland Dog (it may have been a small black bear though). There was also an ominous and beautiful fog bank that struck the hills and tumbled down into the city below. It was actually a really hot day and earlier, Mike and I had done a surprisingly fast 10 KM run (53:48 mins). The temperature really drops at night of course. After a decade in Toronto, you sort of forget how cold it can get at night (daytime high was mid 20s while at night it dropped to 10C).

Today, while others are seeing the visiting Cirque du Soleil, Mike and I are hanging back with Dad making Carnitas (see Mike Kurtz's recipe here) for supper tonight which we'll serve up with salads and mojitos. It's probably out of place on a day like today when the winds are knocking over trees and causing general havoc. All in a day's weather on the Rock.

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