Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thinking of You... 

St.John's Harbour 2011, February 26, 17:42

I have a widget on my computer which includes a CBC Web cam that overlooks St. John's harbour and I happened to see it just at around 5:30 PM, St. John's local time. It's a terribly fuzzy image but I still saw the lady I knew as my home town, even though I've never actually lived there. I saw the gray, late afternoon sky filtered through heavy, still clouds while the street and porch lights were just starting to come on. There is something about those big iron cold clouds above barren trees and brightly painted row houses stuck on St. John's hills that calls to me. It's not something that beckons me like some asinine faux folk song sang like melted cheese spewing from a sentiment dipped singer. Still, it gets my attention. As if I had been flipping through a neglected paperback and an old photo fell out. At first you'd pick it up in a huff then you'd notice it, examine it more carefully, turn it over in hopes of finding a hand written note or even a date. You recognize the image and it churns up a snap of synaptic charges going off in your head like static sparks after removing a sweater too quickly. It's like that. All I'm saying is, "I miss you. Take care."



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