Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who says "print" is dead?*

Is it just me or does Portland remind you of Seattle?

*Okay, technically, "Boing Boing" is a blog not print and just to go all nerd on your Pacific Northwestern ass here is the list of publications (not counting sky writing, sand writing or phone books) mentioned:
The New Yorker
Mother Jones
New York Times
New York Observer
Washington Post
Wall Street Journal
Boing Boing
The Portland Mercury
The Seattle Stranger
SF Weekly
The Harvard Lampoon
Mad Magazine
Family Circus
Calvin and Hobbes
The Boston Globe
The Washington Blade
The Bible
The Portland Monthly

The only ones I hadn't heard of were Paste and The Washington Blade but my question is, "What, no Village Voice? No Utne Reader? No Harpers? No The Atlantic Monthly? No Lapham's Quarterly?"

Other than that it's practically like a dinner party at my lunch table.

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